ACEEE White Paper: The Role of Local Governments in EE Implementation

In partnership with the MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project, ACEEE has released The Role of Local Governments and Community Organizations as Energy Efficiency Implementation Partners. The report shares best practices in enabling policies and creating program partnerships from across the United States, and features the City of Berkeley’s Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance (RECO).  

Cool Roof Design Brief Available

A cool roof design brief is available on PG&E’s website, produced by Energy Design Resources. Click here to access the brief and learn about what qualifies as a cool roof, and what the benefits are – including lower thermal burden, savings in building conditioning, and credits and incentives. For more on cool roofs, click here.

Forbes article: 10 California Cities Saving Money With LED Street Lights

In a recent article, Forbes covers ten California cities making their community more efficient and their bills more affordable through streetlight upgrades:  Brisbane completed two streetlighting upgrade projects, saving the City nearly $20,000 each year in energy costs; Carpinteria replaced 199 high-pressure sodium fixtures with LEDs, saving $11,600 annually on its energy bills; In San Bernardino,…

Case Study Available: Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program

A new case study is available on Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program. Visit the Best Practices > Case Studies tab to view, or click here. The case study reviews Chula Vista’s work to: Implement reach codes beyond the Title 24 standards; Expedite plan review for projects exceeding code; Develop of a energy code compliance tool…

Resource for Multi-Family EE Program Planning

This 2011 report from the Association of Bay Area Governments provides a useful overview of challenges and opportunities in the implementation of successful multi-family energy efficiency programming, as reviewed and recommended by the Multifamily Subcommittee of the California Home Energy Coordinating Committee (MF HERCC). Review and recommendations are provided in the following subject areas: 1. Program…

California DMV Headquarters Saves Money through Comprehensive Retrofit

The Department of Motor Vehicles Headquarters based in Sacramento has saved money and energy and boosted the building’s energy efficiency by 30-50%. Energy savings resulted from measures undertaken including double-glazed windows for better insulation, improved heating and cooling systems, a smart “building energy management system,” and installation of LED lighting and daylight harvesting. The DMV…

Fact Sheet: Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program: Reach Codes, Permitting, Planning Tools, and More

The Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) is one of the main components of the Chula Vista Local Government Partnership (LGP) with SDG&E. The SCP was launched in 2009 (more…)

How Alameda County Built Support for its Climate Action Plan

This story, written and posted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), and shared on the Institute for Local Government’s website, explains the communication and development that built the case for climate action planning at Alameda County.   More information is available on Alameda County’s website.

ACEEE Toolkit: Energy Efficiency in Local Government Buildings

Get an introduction to ACEEE’s toolkit for local government building energy efficiency below, or click here to review in full. Once a locality determines what actions it wants to take, local governments should adopt a portfolio-wide, systematic approach for energy efficiency in facilities and operations. A comprehensive program ensures greater levels of savings and enables…

Publication: Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs

EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program has released a final version of Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs (PDF) (72 pp, 5.3 MB). This guide describes how local governments can lead by example and achieve multiple benefits by improving the energy efficiency of…

CPUC Decision Adoption

CPUC Decision was adopted on December 15, 2011 to continue funding for electric energy efficiency programs absent legislative approval for utilities to collect public goods charge.