Upcoming Events

Here are some events that may be of interest to you.

Note: Past webinars from the Local Government Commission SEEC program, the Institute for Local Government, and training webinars from ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability are available on line.

September 2013

September 19

California Energy Commission Workshop on “Development of an Energy, Air, Water and Climate Change Co-Benefits of Renewable Power Generation and Fuels Research Roadmap”

September 23, 25, 26

Workshops on updating the local government chapter of the California Long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. September 23 in San Francisco, September 25 in Los Angeles, and September 26 webcast in Palm Desert, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Tulare.

October 2013

October 1

Webcast on the California Public Utilities Commission’s proposed Residential Zero Net Energy Action Plan.


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