About the Coordinator

Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator

The Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator position was created by the California Public Utilities Commission in its decision on 2010-12 public goods charge energy efficiency programs. The position is funded by California investor owned utilities (Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas Company). The Coordinator is overseen by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, the Institute for Local Government and the Local Government Commission.

The Coordinator is tasked with developing local government energy efficiency best practices case studies (available from the side bar on the right side of this page), sharing resources to promote best practice adoption across California’s local governments, and tracking statewide progress on the local government chapter of the California Long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. The Coordinator also advises the state’s investor-owned utilities on an annual statewide local government energy efficiency forum.

The Coordinator also writes a quarterly newsletter on local government energy issues, CURRENTS, and has an email listserv where events, funding opportunities, peer-to-peer requests, job postings and other items of interest to local governments are shared. The Weekly Updates shared via the listserv can be viewed here. To join the listserv, email jdecker@lgc.org.

Coordinators, Past and Present

The Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator for 2010-13 was Pat Stoner, who has worked on local government energy issues in California since 1993 as an employee of the Local Government Commission. The Coordinator from 2014-15 was Joseph Oldham, former Sustainability Program Manager for the City of Fresno. The current Coordinator as of January 2016 is Jordan Decker, former Director in the Division of Energy Management for the City of New York. You can reach her with questions on best practices, updates on your local governments’ energy efficiency and sustainability activities, or other feedback at jdecker@lgc.org.