10/27 Webinar: EM&V Roadmaps Update


LGP + REN EM&V Roadmaps Update | Webinar Unplugged
Thursday, October 27th, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

This discussion will be facilitated by Jeremy Battis of Energy Division and will present for public comment proposed changes to the LG sector roadmaps that come out of an engagement exercise with the unified LGP-REN-CCA PCG (the Stag) at its Oct. 11 meeting.
Dial-in info

Conference #:  Call in to 712 432 1212 —  Participant code 875 791 280#

Webinar Materials and Related Resources

What is a webinar unplugged?
A webinar unplugged is a conference call convening stakeholders to listen in as Energy Division and/or its consultant provide a presentation on a topic of immediate interest. The presentation slides are provided in advance of the webinar. The host moderator draws from the slides and expands on them for the delivery of the presentation. The host prompts the audience to “turn the page” either printed or via device to read along.

Why do a webinar unplugged?
The cost of presenting webinars over a live internet connection continues to rise.  This is in part because webinars are prone to awkward glitches that require extensive IT support personnel to be at the ready.

Are there advantages to a webinar unplugged?
Several, besides saving public dollars, you are provided the slides well in advance. Thus, you are able to come to the webinar well informed so as to have your questions prepared and at the ready. Because a webinar unplugged requires less time to prepare for, Energy Division is able to offer webinars unplugged more frequently and on shorter notice.

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