2015 Update to Multi-Family EE Programming Best Practices Report Available


This 2015 update to the 2011 report from the Multifamily Subcommittee of the California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee (MF HERCC) includes best practices and the latest recommendations for effective multi-family energy efficiency programming. Per the report:

“This update report provides recommendations for the refinement of Energy Upgrade California Multifamily programs authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission 2013–14 energy efficiency proceeding. The recommendations are intended for consideration by program administrators and evaluators in the design and implementation of rate-payer incentive programs for the multifamily sector in 2015–16 and beyond. This report also provides a definition of terms specific to the sector and insights into multifamily market conditions for low-income housing programs, and for emerging programs such as those funded by Cap and Trade revenue and those that will be defined and implemented by the State’s Assembly Bill 758, which addresses energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings. Building on best practices and lessons learned to date, these recommendations provide guidance for incremental improvements to existing whole-building energy efficiency retrofit programs.”

Recommendations are discussed in the following seven categories:

1. Streamline Program Participation Process

2. Refine Incentive Structures

3. Increase Marketing Effectiveness

4. Increase Operational Energy Savings

5. Increase Accessibility of Whole-Building Energy Use Data

6. Improve Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

7. Promote Water Efficiency Upgrades

Read more in the full Report, here.


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