2018 Update: The State of Cap-and-Trade Spending in the Sierra Nevada Region

-In 2017, 30 projects in the Sierra Nevada region received a combined total of $23,661,239 from the GGRF through various programs.
-The Sierra Nevada region received 2.78% of funding awarded in 2017, compared to 2.05% of funding awarded in 2016 and 1.98% in FY 2015.
-18 of the 22 counties in the Sierra Nevada received funding, compared to just 14 in 2015 (Note: the four counties that did not receive funding in the region, such as Shasta County, fall only partially within the region, and may have received funding in areas outside of the region’s boundary).
-Of the 18 counties receiving funding, Placer Country received the most projects funded (five) totaling $3,249,569. Nevada County received the greatest total funding, $5,155,610 for two projects.

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