2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

The 2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot is the result of a collective partnership among the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Navigant, and Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) staff. Data collected from SEPA’s 2018 Utility Survey (in partnership with PLMA) seeks to provide deeper insight into utility demand response programs throughout the U.S., and represents…

New blockchain tech to accelerate demand response participation

“Experts Develop New Blockchain Technology to Give Consumers More Control over their Energy Usage DELTA, a European Union research and innovation project, is showcasing its main technology breakthroughs at European Utility Week currently taking place in Vienna.” Click here to read more from Smart Energy.

5th Annual Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources World Forum 2018 – Oct 16-17

The 5th Annual Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources World Forum, October 16-17, 2018 in Costa Mesa, CA brings together stakeholders from across the DR / DER industry and internationally to examine the latest technology advances, case studies, and business strategies for optimizing demand response, energy efficiency, DER integration and control, and demand side management…

Calculating Demand Savings from Smart Thermostat Demand Response Programs – Mar. 15

“Learn about two different approaches to evaluating smart thermostat demand response programs. Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics, will examine a bring-your-own-thermostat program designed to address system reliability. Opinion Dynamics assessed demand impacts using both experimental and quasi-experimental designs, and Olivia will discuss the implications of each approach on program performance results. Olivia will also be updating…

New Study Proposes Storage and Demand Response to Limit Air Pollution

A new study proposes storage and demand response to avoid extra air pollution while meeting peak demand. As shared by Greentech Media: We’ve heard about the value of energy storage for integrating renewables, shaving peak demand and regulating frequency, but there’s another service it can provide: combating air pollution. (more…)

Opower Offers Powerful Demand Response Visual

Can’t “see” the power of demand response? Check out this great walkthrough of energy load visuals from Opower, and description of “load curve archetypes”: We plotted 812,000 energy usage curves on top of each other. This is the powerful insight we discovered. (more…)

RFP: Contra Costa Water District Seeks Demand Response Provider

The Contra Costa Water District is seeking a Demand Response Provider to allow Contra Costa to participate in PG&E’s demand response Capacity Bidding Program (CBP), utilizing operations of four (4) 2,100 horsepower water pumps. Applications must be in by February 19, 2016. For more information, click here.

Exploration of Demand Response Implementation on University Campus (UCLA)

A new report reviews the benefits and implications of implementing demand response programming using open automated demand response (“AutoDR”) architecture at the University of California Los Angeles. The report was conducted by the UCLA Smart Grid Research Energy Center and contributes to California Energy Commission (CEC)’s Energy Research and Development Division’s Energy Technology Systems Integration Program.…

Rancho Mirage Saves through Demand Response, Lighting and HVAC Retrofits, and More

Learn about the City of Rancho Mirage’s work with Southern California Edison (SCE) to improve its energy efficiency, reduce demand, save money, and lead its community by example. Retrofits undertaken at the City’s library and municipal buildings leveraged SCE’s Express Solutions and Custom Solutions incentives, as well as its Direct Install program. Demand response Rancho…

Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail Leverages PG&E Pilot Incentives for Demand Response

Through a new pilot program for large customers with renewable energy that provides incentives for demand response adjustments in grid usage, Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail is seeing new income from PG&E. Click here to learn more from PG&E’s newsletter. Learn more about Santa Rita’s 2 megawatt microgrid system using fuel cells, solar, energy storage,…