A challenge to creatives: The business case for rebranding efficiency

“If you think global weather is extreme now, it is only a taste of what’s to come if we don’t get a handle on things. Atmospheric carbon — like efficiency — is invisible, but the damage — everywhere — is all too visible, from melting polar ice caps and rising seas, to killer heatwaves, droughts, floods, hurricanes and nor’easters. A warmer planet also means more mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases they spread. A carbon-saturated atmosphere means carbon-saturated oceans, lakes and rivers, whose rising acidity literally is corroding the food chain.

Clean energy — solar, wind and, on the horizon, hydrogen — is, of course, really important. So, too, are better batteries for energy storage. But efficiency, which cuts demand, has done the heavy lifting in terms of limiting the use of fossil fuels.”

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