ACEEE Fact Sheet: How Does Energy Efficiency Create Jobs?


Looking for more information on exactly how energy efficiency investments affect jobs? The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy conducts studies on this and has produced a useful fact sheet, which has some pretty interesting conclusions. ACEEE breaks down energy efficiency’s effects on job creation into two categories: first, investment in energy efficiency typically engages the construction industry, creating construction jobs (ACEEE estimates this at the rate of 20 jobs per $1 million invested). Secondly, the lasting savings from improved efficiency redirects investments paid to the energy sector through energy bill payment (which ACEEE estimates provides 10 jobs per $1 million invested), to instead be paid to other services (on average, providing 17 jobs per $1 million invested).

The first part of this breakdown assumes a specific type of investment in energy efficiency – i.e., retrofits or building or transportation-based investments, and not education and outreach – but the lasting effects of redirecting money from utility bill payment to other activities provides some interesting numbers for local governments.

Keep up with ACEEE’s tracking of job creation and energy efficiency on their website.



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