ACEEE Toolkit: Energy Efficiency in Local Government Buildings


Get an introduction to ACEEE’s toolkit for local government building energy efficiency below, or click here to review in full.

Once a locality determines what actions it wants to take, local governments should adopt a portfolio-wide, systematic approach for energy efficiency in facilities and operations. A comprehensive program ensures greater levels of savings and enables governments to pursue more substantial energy efficiency projects. A portfolio-wide approach also generates greater momentum for energy efficiency activities throughout the public and private sector, which can lead to sustained implementation and continued savings.

EPA offers a model strategy for energy management in public buildings with tools and resources to help each step of the way.

  • Step 1: Make Commitments
  • Step 2: Assess Performance
  • Step 3: Set Goals
  • Step 4: Create Action Plan
  • Step 5: Implement Action Plan
  • Step 6: Evaluate Progress
  • Step 7: Recognize Achievements

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