After more than a decade, the 500 MW Palen Solar Project is approved

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) yesterday released its Record of Decision, authorizing the Palen Solar Project, a photovoltaic facility owned by EDF Renewable Energy, to occupy up to 3,140 acres of BLM-administered lands, approximately 10 miles east of Desert Center, north of Interstate 10, in Riverside County. The BLM noted that the project will employ 1,000 people at its peak, with 550 onsite doing construction as a peak – and it will spend greater than $1 billion for all aspects of the project.

The project is projected to generate 1.6 terawatt hours each year, an AC capacity factor of 36% (!!) and a DC capacity factor factor of 29%.”

Click here to read more from PV Magazine.


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