Agenda Available for 3/30 EE Coordinating Committee, Subcommittee Schedules


An update on Energy Efficiency Subcommittee schedules, and the agenda for the Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (EECC)’s upcoming March 30th meeting is shared directly from the EECC below. To receive updates on the Coordinating Committee or any of the Subcommittees directly, visit the CAEECC website.

Looking for background on the EECC and why it’s such an opportunity for local governments? Click here.

The preliminary agenda for the March 30th Coordinating Committee Meeting is now available on the CAEECC website. We are trying to get a headcount of those planning to attend this meeting. Please help us by indicating your attendance plans (in person, via teleconference/webinar, or not attending) through the link below:
Please remember that the deadline for Pre-Stage 2 presentation input for Commercial and Residential Subcommittees is coming up on March 31, as described in the March 21 Constant Contact email blast.
Given the later date of Stage 2 presentations for the other subcommittees, however, we are extending the deadline for  Pre-Stage 2 presentation input for Public Sector, Agricultural, Industrial, Codes & Standards, Emerging Technologies and Workforce Education & Training until April 12. Input received after these deadlines may not be considered in time for the PAs’ Stage 2 presentations, but will be captured for later consideration.
Dates for Stage 2 non-res/com subcommittee meetings have been set as follows:
  • 5/2 – Public (NorCal and SoCal)
  • 5/3 – Workforce Education & Training (NorCal and SoCal)
  • 5/4 – Codes & Standards and Emerging Technologies (NorCal and SoCal)
  • 5/5 – Industrial (SoCal and webinar)
  • 5/13 – Agricultural and follow up webinar for Public with in-person option (Fresno and webinar)
More meeting details coming soon.
Lara Ettenson and Meghan Dewey
California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs

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