AHSC Technical Assistance is Available


Yesterday, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) announced the availability of State-funded Technical Assistance (TA) for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program.

Are you interested in receiving TA from either SGC or SCAG? Please fill out SGC’s survey by Monday, August 28th. The goal of AHSC TA Program is to ensure disadvantaged and low-income communities have access to the resources and tools to successfully compete in the AHSC program. The information collected will help determine overall TA need. 

SCAG will also provide supplemental TA based on those who applied, but did not receive State-funded TA.If you need assistance with any of the following, be sure to fill out the above survey to receive either SGC or SCAG TA:

  • Project Scope Development
  • Partnership Development
  • GHG Quantification
  • Narrative Responses
  • Assembling the Application
  • Budgets/ Finance

SGC Staff will assess the collected information and allocate TA resources according to the following criteria:

  • Project Viability & AHSC Threshold Criteria
  • TA Needs
  • Geographic Diversity
  • Value Add
  • Disadvantaged, Low-Income, and/or Tribal Community
  • Capacity Needs

Based on the above criteria, the SGC will determine if the potential AHSC applicant will receive services in preparation for the upcoming funding round (October 2017) or, as resources allow, longer-term capacity-building services to prepare for a future AHSC funding round. For questions, please contact Monica Palmeira at SGC at monica.palmeira@sgc.ca.gov or (916) 324-0363.

New Resources on SGC’s Website

Check out their website for updated resource materials and Frequently Asked Questions about the AHSC Program Guidelines:

  • AHSC Program FAQ (8/11/2017)
  • AHSC Fact Sheet for Public Agencies
  • AHSC Fact Sheet for Affordable Housing Developers
  • AHSC Fact Sheet for Elected Officials
  • AHSC Fact Sheet for Rural Communities

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