ARB List Released of All Climate Change Investment Projects Statewide


The Air Resources Board (ARB) has just shared a list of all California Climate Investments, supplementing the Annual Report on California Climate Investments released in March. As shared by the Air Resources Board:

The 2016 Annual Report on California Climate Investments Using Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds was released in March 2016.  To supplement the 2016 Annual Report, ARB has recently posted a list of each California Climate Investment project in the State.  The project list can be found at: Each year the Department of Finance is required to submit an annual report to the Legislature on the status and outcomes of California Climate Investments.  The latest Annual Report, published in March 2016, includes the overall status, greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) estimates, statistics on benefits to disadvantaged communities, demand for funding, and leveraging for California Climate Investments through December 2015.  The list posted today on ARB’s web page supplements the information in the 2016 Annual Report and includes additional per-project information on the estimated GHG reductions, disadvantaged community benefits, and location of each project.

Assembly Bill 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32; Nunez, Chapter 488, Statutes of 2006) is a comprehensive, multi-year program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California.  The Air Resources Board has adopted a Scoping Plan and, together with other State and local agencies, has developed and implemented numerous regulations and programs, including the Cap-and-Trade Program to reduce emissions to meet AB 32 goals.

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