ARB’s 4/4 Low Carbon Transportation, Fuels Investments, and Air Quality Improvement Program Funding Plan Presentation


The presentation from the California Air Resources Board (ARB)’s public workshop to review its low carbon transportation, fuels investments, and air quality improvement program (AQIP) is available here. Some highlights:

Across the programs, ARB shares the following FY16-17 priorities:

  • Meet projected consumer demand for first-come, first-served projects
  • Increase funding for light-duty low income/ disadvantaged community projects
  • Carry forward unfunded projects from FY 2015-16
  • Develop and implement new fuel production incentive project
  • Develop long-term plan for CVRP and light-duty incentives as required by SB 1275

The presentation continues to cover the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and light duty vehicle pilot projects (including the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Project Plus-Up, or EFMP Plus-Up), zero emissions vehicle market review, reaching disadvantaged communities, and more.

ARB notes that the funding numbers shared are contingent upon the revisions to the Governor’s proposed budget (provisions would be in May/June).

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