Are Companies Responding to Calls for Green Purchasing? Findings in the First Impact Report from The Sustainability Consortium


Many local governments are committing to green or energy-efficient purchasing policies. How do we measure green consumer goods and inform these policies? With analysis provided by McKinsey, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) has released their first ever Impact Report, Greening Global Supply Chains: From Blind Spots to Hot Spots to Action. You can download the full Impact Report here, or explore their interactive webview and watch a video overview.

The report identifies steps companies are taking to increase sustainability up and down the supply chain, and also lays out ways stakeholders (consumers, NGOs, and governments and sustainability leaders) can drive scale by growing the market force for sustainability.

TSC was created in 2009 to transform the consumer goods industry by partnering with leading companies, NGOs, universities, and government organizations to define, develop, and deliver more sustainable products. For more on TSC, visit TSC’s website.

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