Assembly Passes Clean Energy for Renters Bill


NRDC highlights AB 1088 as it passes the Assembly and moves on to the Senate. The bill would help improve access to clean energy programs in multi-family housing.

NRDC notes the direction provided by the bill:

  1. Directs the Energy Commission to work with relevant state agencies to streamline and coordinate enrollment in programs, and to create a website and single multi-lingual application for multifamily residential property owners and residents to identify applicable programs;
  2. Creates a multifamily expert advisory committee, inclusive of owners of all multifamily property types as well as tenant and affordable housing experts, to assist the Energy Commission in designing policies and programs that meet the needs of owners and tenants of multifamily buildings and to ensure this sector helps meet the state’s 2030 clean energy and climate goals; and
  3. Directs the Energy Commission to set non-binding statewide 2030 targets for energy and greenhouse gas savings from the multifamily property market, based on strategies identified by the expert advisory committee, and commensurate with the state’s climate and efficiency doubling goals.

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