CA 2020 building code draft: Zero-Net-Electricity new homes


“California is seeking input on a plan to update its building energy standards to increase energy efficiency, clear the way for clean energy heating and hot water, and, for the first time, require new homes to install rooftop solar panels. The standards, effective in January 2020, will be a big step forward for energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint of California’s homes and buildings—the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

California’s current building standards save energy and water, reduce pollution, and shore up electric reliability, all while providing consumers with utility bill savings that exceed the upfront cost of meeting the code’s requirements. The standards’ first job is to ensure that as little energy and water are needed as possible—for example, homes built after 2020 are expected to have very energy efficient attics and walls, improved windows and doors, and properly installed insulation—or other efficiency upgrades that provide equivalent savings. ”

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