Calculating Demand Savings from Smart Thermostat Demand Response Programs – Mar. 15

“Learn about two different approaches to evaluating smart thermostat demand response programs. Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics, will examine a bring-your-own-thermostat program designed to address system reliability. Opinion Dynamics assessed demand impacts using both experimental and quasi-experimental designs, and Olivia will discuss the implications of each approach on program performance results. Olivia will also be updating her presentation with new information regarding key considerations related to integrating energy savings and demand impacts for a bring-your-own-thermostat program model.

Ethan Goldman, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, will look at calculating demand savings without access to meter data. Ethan will cover how they were able to use thermostat data analytics (calibrated with amp loggers on a subset of participants) to arrive at kW savings in a demand response program. In addition, he will share lessons learned from working with thermostat data, from data quality testing and cleaning to unexpected discoveries about the execution of the DR events.”
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