California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC) Update 8/31


Read below for updates from the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee, a committee that engages interested stakeholders in the process that energy efficiency ratepayer funding Program Administrators (PG&E, SCE, SCG, SDG&E, BayREN, SoCalREN, and MCE) are going through to plan energy efficiency goals, strategies, and programming under the new rolling portfolio cycle.

For a basic FAQ on this Coordinating Committee click here – or, click here for more posts and local government-relevant highlights from CAEECC meetings.

Need a refresher on the new rolling portfolio cycle for energy efficiency programming? Click here. Or, see more posts on the rolling portfolio here.

NEW — September 8 Ad Hoc CC Working Group Discussion
We have scheduled an Ad Hoc Working Group Discussion session for nextThursday, September 8 from 1:00 to 4:00PM. The meeting is hosted by the Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 at their offices at 1939 Market Street (at Guerrero Street). Teleconference number for remote participants is 212-727-4600 / passcode 0817894# (no webcast).
The main objective of the meeting is to allow stakeholders to begin sharing their views on a number of issues arising from the August 18 Final Decision that relate to the PA Business Plans. This conversation should help us accomplish more during our September 21 CC meeting. The Ad Hoc Working Group meeting is voluntary for CC Members and no official actions will be taken in the meeting. Member priority rules for commenting, however, will be in effect. The meeting is open to the public both for in-person and teleconference participation.
Proposed discussion topics for this session are posted on the CAEECCwebsite. If you have additional topics you would like considered, please email us at
September 21 CC Meeting
Mark your calendar for the next CC meeting on September 21. The meeting agenda is under development and will be posted in a week. The meeting is currently scheduled from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. ABAG will be hosting this meeting in their new San Francisco offices at 375 Beale Street, Suite 700.  Webcast and teleconference details will be provided in the draft agenda.  Topics will include discussion of the voluntary Business Plan chapters that PAs submit onSeptember 13 and planning for transitions of some programs to Statewide administration.
Recent Input
On behalf of a number of organizations including CC Members, Ross Nakasone of BlueGreen Alliance provided a letter requesting modification of PG&E’s July 13, 2016 CC Meeting presentation on “Codes and Standards Program: Understanding Energy Code Compliance.”
Consensus Metrics Framework Delivered
The Program Administrators with input from the Energy Division have completed a Joint Program Administrators’ Proposed Business Plan Metric Framework. The consensus framework is characterized in a one-page narrative document and a multi-tab Excel file. Stakeholders are invited to download and review both of these files in preparation for reviewing imminent Business Plan drafts.
RTRs Posted on CAEECC Website
Today CAEECC posted links for the first edition of what will be a monthly RTR (Responses to Recommendations) updated Google Docs spreadsheet prepared as a courtesy for all stakeholders. For those who prefer,CAEECC website will also contain Excel versions of Google Doc. The spreadsheet conveniently summarizes recent RTR documents submitted by Program Administrators with links to the actual RTR files. RTR files describe how Program Administrators intend to respond to feedback provided in recent program evaluations.
Please contact the Facilitation Team by email at if you have questions about these matters or need assistance with the website.

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