California sets off on another bold path to save energy

“The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously approved the first ever set of business plans developed by administrators that manage the majority of the state’s energy efficiency programs. These plans lay out short-, mid-, and long-term strategies through 2025 to help all of their customers cut even more energy waste.

This decision also allows the investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, and SoCalGas) to start their extensive process of seeking proposals from energy efficiency providers—such as non-profits, local governments, and companies—for new, innovative, or tried-and-true programs.

These business plans are also designed to reach the 2017 CPUC-approved energy saving goals, which by 2025 will result in enough electricity savings to cut the equivalent of climate-harming pollution from over 1.3 million cars for one year, avoid the electricity needs equivalent to nearly 10 large 500-megawatt (MW) power plants, and save enough natural gas to serve more than 2 million California households for an entire year.”

Click here to read more from NRDC.


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