California Solar Mandates Tie to Direct Return on Investment


As covered in Environmental Leader, California cities are leading the way in committing to solar on their buildings:

“Last month San Francisco and Santa Monica approved ordinances requiring rooftop solar systems for new construction.San Francisco’s law, which applies to all new commercial and residential buildings with 10 floors or less, takes effect Jan. 1, 2017. Santa Monica’s requires all new construction to install solar electric photovoltaic systems beginning at the end of this month.

“These two cities join three other California municipalities that have solar mandates. Culver City began to require solar on some commercial in 2008; the cities of Lancaster and Sebastopol became the first two to require solar on all new construction in 2013.”

Environmental Leader covers how investing in solar is showing a direct return on investment due to drops in the cost of implementation – to which mandates can contribute. Learn more here.

For more on financial returns from solar, click here to see how Yuba County is using solar and energy efficiency savings to pay off its debt service.


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