Case Study: Camarillo Municipal Savings Success Story


Outlined in its Energy Action Plan, the City of Camarillo has established a municipal energy reduction goal of 10% relative to 2008, by 2020. The City recently completed a ten year Energy Performance Contract that resulted in savings of over 15 million kWh. City Hall, City Corporation Yard, and Water Department facilities received upgrades such as:

  • Installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment
  • An energy control system
  • Office lighting lamps and ballast retrofits
  • Installation of high efficiency electric motors for a water pump station and two wells
  • Additional improvements have been implemented at the City’s Corporation Yard including the installation of a 75 kW solar array. This solar power system has resulted in an 82% decrease in electricity consumption.

Learn more in this Cool Planet Camarillo case study, or read more in Camarillo’s newsletter. For more on performance contracting, click here.

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