ACEEE Fact Sheet: How Does Energy Efficiency Create Jobs?

Looking for more information on exactly how energy efficiency investments affect jobs? The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy conducts studies on this and has produced a useful fact sheet, which has some pretty interesting conclusions. ACEEE breaks down energy efficiency’s effects on job creation into two categories: first, investment in energy efficiency typically engages…

From Island Press: Local Climate Action Planning

Local Climate Action Planning is the first book designed to help planners, municipal staff and officials, citizens and others working at local levels to develop Climate Action Plans. A CAP clearly outlines a community’s plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering energy consumption, and in the process creating a more livable, sustainable community.

Case Study: Pasadena

As a large urban community known for its chic lifestyle, Pasadena is committed to going green through massive energy and water use overhauls, along with encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods like improved bus lines and bike paths. (more…)

From SEEC’s ILG: Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of California’s Environmental Review Process: A Local Official’s Guide

The Institute for Local Government (ILG) has developed a CEQA Greenhouse Gas Guide for elected officials, Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of California’s Environmental Review Process: A Local Official’s Guide, that includes a brief discussion about climate action plans and the CEQA guidelines.

From USEPA: Clean Energy Financing Guide

The US EPA has release a Clean Energy Financing Guide intended to help government entities understand and make decisions to support appropriate financing programs for their jurisdiction. The Guide’s objective is to help government entities facilitate financing support in the commercial and residential sectors, with a secondary focus on helping state and local governments finance…

CEC Publication: Energy Aware Facility Siting and Permitting Guide

The California Energy Commission’s Energy Aware Facility Siting and Permitting Guide assists local governments with developing general plan energy and transmission elements and provides guidance on utility-scale electricity generation and transmission planning and permitting. The Guide can be downloaded for free from the CEC’s web site.  

CEC Publication: Energy Aware Planning Guide

The California Energy Commission’s Energy Aware Planning Guide is a comprehensive resource for local governments seeking to reduce energy use, improve energy efficiency, and increase usage of renewable energy across all sectors. Strategies explored include transportation and land use changes, optimizing water use, building improvements, and other strategies. Each strategy section contains general plan language…

Case Study: Suisun City’s Energy Efficient Multi-Family Cottonwood Creek Apartments

Click here to learn how BRIDGE Housing pursued green, energy-efficient development to provide Suisun City residents of the Cottonwood Creek Apartments with a higher quality of living and lower utility bills every month. Cottonwood Creek Apartments is a 94-unit affordable housing complex in Suisun City, California, the first in Solano County with photovoltaic panels. In…