CEC Releases 2016 Energy Code Guidance for Designers: Low-Rise Residential Mandatory Measures


The California Energy Commission (CEC) has just released the 2016 Low-Rise Residential Mandatory Measures Summary – this is a great document to share with your buildings departments as a resource to help designers and permit applicants in your jurisdiction comply with the new energy code.

As shared by the CEC: The Mandatory Measures Summary is a tool designed to quickly identify mandatory measures at the design phase. This tool is not a compliance document and is not required to be registered with a HERS provider. Designers may incorporate this summary into building plans to specify the mandatory measures. The Mandatory Measures Summary is available athttp://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/training/2016_Residential_Mandatory_Measures_Summary.pdf.

Many underestimate the power of compliance in helping increase community energy efficiency and achieve conservation and/or climate and sustainability goals. Need more information? Check out this study of the dollar value of compliance to local governments (focusing on natural gas measures).

For more on compliance, click here. Or, check out innovative activities of California local governments to support compliance – including Santa Barbara County’s Smart Build Santa Barbara program, and Palo Alto’s compliance training on-demand videos.

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