CEC Releases 2016 IEPR Update Scoping Order


The California Energy Commission, which is tasked with preparing an Integrated Energy Policy Report (“IEPR”) every other year, is also responsible for preparing an “Update” in alternate years on the previous year’s report. The CEC has just released the Scoping Order for the 2016 Update, which is expected (per the schedule shared in the Scoping Order) for release January 2017 and adoption the following month.

The Scoping Order details the following Update topics:

  1. Natural Gas and Aliso. Canyon Storage Facility Gas Leak Response
  2. Environmental Performance of Electricity Generation System
  3. Climate Adaptation and Resiliency
  4. Electricity Forecast and Reliability Update
  5. Nuclear Energy

For more information, refer to the Final Scoping Order directly, here. For the 2015 IEPR, click here.

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