CEC Seeks Comments on Draft Solicitation to Fund Electricity Saving Technologies and Strategies Benefiting the Industrial, Agricultural and Water Sectors


Under the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program, California Energy Commission staff is developing a competitive grant funding opportunity (GFO) to fund research associated with developing, validating, and documenting electricity saving, pre-commercial technologies and strategies benefiting the industrial, agricultural and water sectors. These sectors consume approximately 30 percent of California’s electrical use and include energy intensive industries, such as chemicals, metals, cement and concrete, data centers, laboratories, wastewater treatment and food processing. The Energy Commission staff tentatively plans to release the GFO in the summer of 2016. Respondents shall follow the comment instructions on the Request for Comments Document. For more information, visit the CEC’s website.

For more on the EPIC Program (including the recently-released Annual Report), click here.

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