Central Valley Grant Technical Assistance Cohort

In partnership with the Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator (BPC), Local Government Commission (LGC), and Institute for Local Governments (ILG), ICLEI will be hosting a structured technical assistance program in June for 5-8 local governments in the Central Valley on energy and grants. The program will guide agencies through resources provided by the state and the public utilities, best practices on community engagement, case studies on successful collaborative community and local government projects, and grant writing. Aimed at local governments in the Central Valley with high proportions of DACs, the program will help build capacity for agencies through planning an energy project and coaching them through completing funding applications. Participants will come in to the cohort with a few grant opportunities and ideas identified and leave with potential community partners identified and a basic proposal outline ready for submission. Program partners have strong track record of successful project funding through grant technical assistance and will also be evaluating options for project implementation assistance as well. The Grant Technical Assistance Cohort will be provided at no cost to local governments through SEEC.
See more details here and sign up here.
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