Chula Vista Shares Permitting, Ordinances, and Incentives as part of the Getting to Zero Net Energy Workshop Series


In this presentation shared as part of the Center for Sustainable Energy’s Getting to Zero Net Energy workshop series, the City of Chula Vista shares a number of policies and programs they have put in place to further energy efficiency and sustainability in their community – including:

  • Energy and water efficiency reach codes (codes that exceed that standards set by the CEC);
  • An ordinance reserving the right to require applicants to retain expert green building consultants;
  • Streamlined and transparent permitting – with online and over-the-counter options, and cost and timeline transparency for applicants, and energy efficiency compliance forms

Chula Vista carries out its energy efficiency and sustainability efforts through its Sustainable Communities Program, supported by its local government partnership with SDG&E. The presentation also covers opportunities for the Chula Vista community through PACE (using CaliforniaFIRST), free home audits, smart thermostats, discounted LEDs, EnergyUpgrade California, Residential Programs such as the Energy Saving Assistance Program (ESAP) and Residential Direct Install, the Healthy Homes Program, and Turf Replacement Rebates.

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