Chula Vista Strategies for Zero Net Energy 5/11 Event: Conservation Initiatives and Incentives for Homes and Businesses


See below for an event for buildings professionals and residents on Zero Net Energy (ZNE) shared by the Center for Sustainable Energy:

No-Cost Workshop for Architects, Developers, Contractors, Home and Business Owners

*** Lunch is provided ***

California has set ambitious goals to make all new residential buildings zero net energy (ZNE) by 2020 and all new and 50% of existing commercial buildings ZNE by 2030. The City of Chula Vista set local goals for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and other greenhouse gas reduction strategies in its climate action plan.

The City of Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program invites the local building, residential and business communities to a no-cost workshop that will explain how to implement sustainable technologies and strategies, as well as incentive programs that can help make projects more affordable. This workshop will be presented by the following panel of city staff.

  • Cory Downs, Conservation Specialist, Office of Sustainability will discuss projects and incentive programs related to ZNE
  • Barbara Locci, Conservation Specialist, Office of Sustainability will discuss the city’s Clean Business Program
  • Joe Coppola, Senior Certified Sustainability Professional will discuss waste management ordinances
  • Mary Radley, Landscape Architect, Development Services Department will discuss a new landscape ordinance as it relates to CALGreen, the state green building code
  • Development Services Department staff will provide a demonstration of the city’s online permitting system for solar panels and other projects

To register, click here.

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