City of Beaumont Approves Final “Sustainable Beaumont” Climate Action Plan


Last week, Beaumont’s City Council approved the City’s Sustainable Beaumont Climate Action Plan. The Plan, prepared by Atkins and funded through the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), sets a number of goals, including:

  • Provision of resources (education, training, audits, retrofits, and an Environmental Advocate) and working with regional groups and utilities to improve both residential and commercial energy efficiency;
  • Educating staff on Title 24, promoting Tier 1 and 2 improvements over code (and other energy efficiency and green building ratings);
  • Exploring permit streamlining and a possible online permitting system;
  • Requiring early adoption of AB 1103 (now AB 802) for small buildings;
  • Increasing energy efficiency through water efficiency;
  • Deploying cool roofs and cool pavement;
  • Promoting electric vehicles, adding EVs to the municipal fleet, and community transportation improvements;
  • And conducting municipal audits, improvements, lighting retrofits, and participating in SCE’s demand response and direct install programs.

The strategies in the Plan are estimated to set Beaumont toward achieving a 27% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from their assessed 2012 levels, as well as realizing cost savings and health benefits. Read more in the Plan on Beaumont’s website.

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