City of Lancaster’s New Better Built Home Program Provides Incentives to Builders for High Efficiency


As released in a City of Lancaster press release: “The City of Lancaster’s recently launched Better Built Home program provides a unique opportunity for residential homebuilders to receive thousands of dollars in incentives for building environmentally conscious homes. The innovative program is aiding the City in reaching its goal of being a Net-Zero city, while also benefitting homebuilders by making it financially feasible to build more desirable eco-friendly homes.

“To be eligible for the incentives the program has to offer, a homebuilder must reach a minimum of ten points the program requires. A homebuilder can earn points by incorporating environmentally smart features, such as LED lighting, grey water systems, energy storage systems, and smog eating roof tiles into their home construction. The minimum ten points must be derived from two of three categories which include; water, energy and environmental. This requirement ensures the homes feature a wide breadth of eco-friendly material and technology, while ensuring a number of diverse homes utilizing various sustainable methods.

“The Better Built Home program will have a profound effect on the sustainability of Lancaster’s residential home-building industry,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Residential homebuilders now have a financial opportunity to venture into the growing field of clean energy, while creating homes that are not only environmentally conscious, but much more enticing to potential homeowners.”

Homebuilders who qualify enjoy a reduction in City Development Impact Fees on new housing construction by 25%, a potential savings of up to $3,000 per home. In addition, the requirement of the homebuilder landscaping the rear yard may be waived, and the City may provide free recycled water from designated water hydrants to be used during construction.

By offering the equivalent of approximately $9,000 to $12,000 in incentives per dwelling unit, the City is now better able to ensure that the environmentally conscious choice is the most cost effective choice for home builders, as well as future homeowners. The homebuilder will not only save thousands, but also provide a home that has a much lower energy profile, and much lower utility costs for the homeowner.” Read more on the City’s website. For more on the Better Built Home Program, see this Program Booklet.

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