City of Lomita New Energy Efficiency Climate Action Plan Shows GHG Emissions Decrease


The City of Lomita’s new Energy Efficiency Climate Action Plan (EECAP) includes a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory update that reveals a 7% decrease in energy use between 2005 and 2012. In the Plan, the City reviews its energy profile on the municipal and the community level, and proposes a number of strategies to keep energy use going down – including:

  • participation in SCE’s demand response programming,
  • development of a Point-of-Sale energy rating ordinance,
  • promotion of home and commercial energy audits and upgrades,
  • water efficiency measures at the municipal level,
  • streamlined permitting for energy efficiency,
  • exploring the development of a green building program,
  • education and outreach activities to the community, including an EE fair.

The EECAP was produced in partnership with South Bay Cities Council of Governments, Southern California Edison (SCE), and SoCal Gas, and funded through this local government partnership.

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