City of Sacramento’s Climate Action Plan


The City of Sacramento’s Climate Action Plan, adopted February 2012, includes a municipal and community greenhouse gas inventory, and exploration of energy efficiency strategies such as:

  • partnering with utilities on behavioral educational programs,
  • supporting SMUD’s microgrid project,
  • coordinating with SMUD on appliance and lighting rebate programs, custom and prescriptive incentive programs, and multi-family retrofits,
  • retrofitting existing municipal buildings,
  • installing cool roofs,
  • updating and enforcing Sacramento’s Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance (RECO),
  • developing a Commercial PACE program,
  • adopting a Commercial Energy Conservation Ordinance (CECO), and
  • supporting SMUD’s Home Performance Program, which offers audits and rebates to residential customers.

Read more on the Plan’s website.

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