City of Sebastapol Selects 13 Goals of Regional Climate Action Plan


The City of Sebastopol has elected to take on 13 of the 14 possible goals of the new “Climate Action 2020” plan facilitated by the Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA). The RCPA has partnered with all nine cities and towns of Sonoma County to produce personalized goals that will reduce greenhouse gases in each region.

The goals selected by Sebastapol include:

increasing building energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy use, switching equipment from fossil fuel to electricity, reduce travel demand through focused growth, encouraging a shift toward low-carbon transportation options, increasing vehicle and equipment fuel efficiency, encouraging a shift toward low-carbon fuels in vehicles and equipment, a reduction in idling, increasing solid waste diversion, an increase in the capture and use of methane from landfills, a reduction of water consumption, increasing recycled water and greywater use and increasing water and wastewater infrastructure efficiency.

“I think the folks that have been working on it have produced a good document that is pretty workable for us as a community,” said Sebastopol City Councilmember, Patrick Slayter. “We as a community embrace sustainability and we’re already actually doing quite a bit that’s in the plan. There are certainly some good tools in there that we can work towards adopting and make us more green.”

Read more in Sonoma West Times and News here.

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