City of South Gate Reduces Energy Use, Applies Best Practices, and wins Beacon Award


The City of South Gate is first city in Southern California to win the Beacon Award, presented through Institute for Local Government and Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC).

As shared by the Institute in its press release, “It is an honor to be the first Southern California city awarded the prestigious Beacon Award,” Mayor Jorge Morales said. “South Gate’s residents and city staff have made tremendous strides at becoming more environmentally efficient, and I hope our hard work can inspire other communities in helping create a healthier and more sustainable region.”

ILG and South Gate highlight the following of the City’s energy and climate activities:

  • Engaged in Energy Leader Partnership with Southern California Edison.
  • The City of South Gate converted and/or replaced 950 High Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPVS) lamps to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Citywide in efforts to reduce carbon dioxide foot prints.
  • Adopted a retro-commissioning policy that puts in place the standard on how HVAC and other energy systems will be maintained and continued training for staff.
  • Adopted an energy action plan which empowers staff to make decisions using strategies within the plan.
  • Created an active account with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and is currently tracking the energy usage of 10 of the highest energy consuming buildings.
  • The City of South Gate has completed various street light conversion projects changing street light fixtures from high pressure sodium to light-emitting diode (LED) This process has accounted for approximately 2,500 fixtures with a significant impact on energy conservation.
  • Replaced existing well pumps with Energy Efficiency Variable Frequency Pumps.
  • Partnered with the Central Basin Municipal Water District to install a water efficient demonstration garden of California native and drought tolerant plants.
  • Replaced variable-frequency drive (VFD) at the Sports Center facility.
  • Implemented a Water Drought Policy and Procedure.
  • Implemented new irrigation systems for new Azalea Regional Shopping Center.

For more check out the City of South Gate’s Sustainability Best Practices Activities from the ILG and SEEC.

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