City of Temecula Reaches SCE Energy Leadership Partnership Gold Status, Initiates Energy Projects Supporting New Energy Fund


In March, Temecula was the first city to achieve a Gold Level status under the Southern California Edison (SCE)-Western Riverside Energy Leadership Partnership by completing 13 energy efficiency projects in FY 2012-13, while increasing total kWh savings to 813,037, and resulted in nearly $100,000 of annual utility cost savings. In August, SCE approved a rebate incentive of $1,983 to replace 29 parking lot fixtures at the Community Recreation Center (CRC) with energy efficient induction lighting technology. The CRC lighting retrofit project will reduce the annual energy consumption by 15,000 kWh. The SCE rebate and estimated annual utility savings will be deposited into the Temecula Energy and Asset Management Fund, a revolving fund recently created to fund future energy efficiency projects using the energy cost savings from current projects. Learn more in this November 2013 report to City Council.

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