Climate Equity is Climate-Smart – Apr 18

Climate change impacts all of us. However, low-income communities and communities of color are often hurt
first and worst. In these communities, climate change is a complicating environmental challenge stacked on top of histories of pollution, disinvestment, and discrimination.

Adaptation professionals across the country hope to leverage investments in climate action for achieving climate equity. But the concept’s incorporation into practice ranges from simply identifying vulnerable populations to engaging and empowering these individuals. This panel poses the questions, “How can we understand and employ the concept of climate equity through a more transformative paradigm in practice? What is the difference between climate equity and climate justice, and why does that matter?”

In a facilitated conversation, panelists will discuss these concepts as it relates to their work. Panelists will debate the merits and weaknesses of institutionalizing these concepts into practice in communities on the ground, as well as discuss best practices in defining, monitoring and evaluating success.

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