Commercial Building Zero Net Energy Case Studies Publication Available from PG&E, Berheim + Dean


A publication reviewing findings on commercial building zero net energy retrofits is now available; excerpts from the forward by PG&E Commercial Buildings Principal Peter Turnbull is below:

“…Documentation of ZNE process and performance, together with dissemination of the learnings will be an important resource for building designers, owners, managers, occupants and other stakeholders as California tries to reach these high goals.

“This publication, representing findings and experience from PG&E’s ZNE Pilot Program, is one such effort to disseminate information. Consistent with state policy, PG&E’s work in the pilot program in each instance focused first on achieving the maximum level of load reduction and energy efficiency in the building through integrated design practices and careful equipment selection before sizing on-site renewable energy systems to balance out the remaining energy requirement. (The least expensive kWh is still the one that no one has to generate!)

“At scale” normalization of the design and production of ZNE buildings will occur when the design professionals are comfortable with the process and results, and when building clients—the owners and developers—have confidence about the feasibility and value of this approach to building procurement. Sharing information about successful projects in the real world is a key step and the motivation for this publication.”

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