Community Canopy: Private Property Tree Distributions Made Easy – July 19

n this webinar we will explore how a private property tree distribution via the Community Canopy program can assist with growing your community’s urban tree canopy and support your sustainability and resiliency efforts.

Travis Menne with the city of Redding, Calif., and Kristen Bousquet from the Arbor Day Foundation will explore how to plan a private property tree program and how to reduce the time needed to implement a project. We’ll discuss how distributing trees to homeowners offers the ability to engage with your community, educate on strategic tree planting, and promote green infrastructure leading to measured environmental benefits (such as air quality, storm water management, carbon sequestration, and energy efficiency).

The innovative Community Canopy software provides a combination of automation, education and data that makes for an all-inclusive, turnkey program. The results of your program are all quantified through meaningful data using an interactive technology to assist with automated tree reservations, participant education, tree tracking, continued communication to the participants, and data/metrics showing the impact of trees planted. This comprehensive information provides the ability to track the trees, survey the participants and determine a return on your investment.

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