Community Outreach Coordinator (2), Program Associate – Beneficial State Foundation

Organizational Description

“Beneficial State Foundation is a unique foundation whose mission is to create, guide, and promote a new, beneficial banking model that transforms the banking industry.

We support the creation of an economy that benefits communities that have been left behind by the current economic system. We envision an economy that is equitable and generates social, economic, and environmental justice for all. To achieve this mission, we focus our energy on changing one of the pillars of the current economic system: the banking system.

This fall, Beneficial State Foundation was awarded a $5 million grant to administer the statewide Financing Assistance Pilot Project (FAPP), a three-year pilot program funded by the California Air Resources Board. The program will provide roughly 800 lower-income individuals with grants and low-cost financing to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles. We will implement this program in close partnership with Beneficial State Bank, the Center for Sustainable Energy, and GRID Alternatives.

Position Overview, Program Associate

The Program Associate will serve a critical role in the implementation of the Financing Assistance Pilot Project as part of a small, customer-facing team that assists all program participants through the application, loan prequalification, education, and vehicle purchasing process. The primary responsibilities of this position include providing customer service and managing necessary communications to ensure customers meet all program requirements. In addition, the Program Associate will support the Operations Manager as needed with data management, grant reporting, and coordinating with Beneficial State Bank staff to support customers through the process of securing a low interest rate loan and purchasing a qualifying clean vehicle. The ideal candidate is people-oriented with a strong attention to detail. S/he will comfortably juggle multiple tasks and enjoy a fast-paced work environment.  S/he is empathetic and a good listener so as to quickly and clearly understand customers’ needs.  S/he is also solutions oriented and naturally inclined to troubleshoot and see a project through to completion. This individual will enjoy being part of a dynamic team of very hardworking people that are passionate about social equity and environmental sustainability.


Position Overview, Community Outreach Coordinator

We are seeking to hire a Community Outreach Coordinator to build connections across California’s Central Valley region and engage local community stakeholders in the work of Beneficial State Foundation. This individual will wear two important hats: they will implement the outreach strategy for the Financing Assistance Pilot Project (FAPP) and they will execute special projects on behalf of Beneficial State Foundation and Bank. Since the FAPP is a new program, outreach and events related to its launch will be the primary focus for this position starting out. Once the program is up and running, the goal is that the Community Outreach Coordinator’s time is evenly split between the two areas of focus. In this initial launch phase, the Community Outreach Coordinator is expected to help coordinate events and special projects to build program awareness across the Central Valley. The Community Outreach Coordinator will be the Foundation’s sole representative based in Fresno. S/he will report to the Foundation’s Director of Community Engagement and the FAPP Program Director, both located in Oakland, while also working closely with, and supporting the goals of the Fresno bank team.

The candidate should possess the ability to work independently on many projects and coordinate effectively across multiple departments and stakeholders. S/he will use initiative, creativity, and diplomacy in efforts to meet the Foundation’s mission, including continued expansion of the Bank’s name recognition in social and environmental impact circles in the Central Valley and implementation of the FAPP outreach strategy. The individual should be able to maintain confidentiality and work effectively with stakeholders from very diverse backgrounds. The ideal candidate will be dynamic and enthusiastic, a quick learner, have excellent communication skills, and will possess a high level of discretionary tact.

As part of a small and spread-out team implementing the FAPP outreach strategy, the Community Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for building and managing relationships with internal and external program partners, community based organizations, dealerships, and community leaders. S/he will be comfortable regularly promoting the FAPP at local community events and will stay abreast of local and statewide clean energy incentives and programs. The position requires participation in evening and weekend events and frequent travel, primarily throughout the Central Valley.


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