Correction Released in CPUC Staff White Paper on Energy Efficiency Baselines – Comments Deadline Extended


The CPUC’s Energy Division has just released a correction to its staff proposal on Energy Efficiency Baselines that was shared last week, with the following statement:

…an incorrect version of the Staff White Paper on Energy Efficiency Baselines was inadvertently attached to the Ruling issued April 21, 2016 seeking comment on the staff white paper. Attached to this email ruling is the correct version of the white paper, on which comment is requested from parties.

The changes in the attachment are confined to Section V.C.3 related to “Recommendations for Counting Savings” plus the substitution of a corrected Figure 3: “Proposed Baseline Framework.”  There are no changes to the Navigant Technical Analysis that was also attached to the April 21, 2016 ruling.”

Because of this error in publishing the incorrect staff white paper attachment, I am extending the comment and reply comment deadlines. Comments will now be due May 17, 2016 and reply comments May 24, 2016.

Click here for the corrected staff white paper.

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