CURRENTS: An innovative approach to residential energy savings from WattzOn and the El Monte Promise Foundation

By Martha Amram, Executive Director, WattzOn

Last week WattzOn (based in Mountain View, CA) and the El Monte Promise Foundation were featured at the Clinton Global Initiative for their program “Transforming Energy Savings into College Savings.”   WattzOn provides software tools for data-driven community energy savings.  The Promise Foundation provides college-saving account matches for K – 12 students in El Monte, CA.

The two are combining forces to help residents save energy and deposit the monthly savings of $15 to $20 into the designated college savings account.  WattzOn will provide the technology support and work with the Promise Foundation to create workflows that allow the program to scale and to be replicated in other locations.

Two key program features:

  • Multiple utility accounts can be linked to a single college savings account, creating a network of community support for the college-bound student. (Finally energy savings is social!)
  • Enrollment into the multiple accounts (utility, banking, college savings) is a key friction point.  WattzOn and the Promise Foundation are focused on this access barrier.

The program will start this summer.  Other cities are invited to watch and learn with them for the next year, and then join the effort as it scales in June 2017.

Visit WattzOn’s website for more details on the announcement.