CURRENTS: Introducing the New Statewide Coordinator, Jordan Decker

We’re pleased to introduce our new Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator, Jordan Decker! Jordan joins LGC and SEEC to serve as Coordinator having recently moved to California from New York, where she worked in local government as Director of Clean Energy and Innovative Technologies for the City of New York. As such, she was responsible for developing short and long-term plans, budgets, and goals for the new municipal clean energy program – including roll-out of large-scale solar arrays on 24 schools, and contract development for a solar power purchase agreement (PPA).  She also co-developed and oversaw the City’s municipal building cleantech demonstration program, which during her tenure deployed and reviewed building controls technologies, and identified and developed contracts for energy storage demonstrations. Jordan also managed an energy efficiency-focused cross-department competitive capital grants program (called the Accelerated Conservation and Efficiency, or “ACE” program), with over $100 million in active projects – including fire and police stations, schools, hospitals, courthouses, wastewater treatment plants, and street lighting.

Jordan is now working to share expertise and best practices across California’s local governments – and track energy efficiency progress – to support the achievement of energy efficiency and sustainability goals. You can learn more about the Coordinator’s role in helping local governments achieve these goals here.