Developing and Implementing a Climate Action Plan – Report on SANBAG Findings and Best Practices


A new Implementation Strategies report is available on the San Bernardino Association of Governments (SANBAG)’s website summarizing climate action planning and implementation support provided to SANBAG and its 21 participating cities. Table 6-1 features a list of best practices for local governments seeking to implement climate action plans, and breaks these best practices up into the following six categories:

  • Institutionalization: Integrating climate action planning and emissions reduction efforts into City internal processes
  • Engagement: Empowering City staff and encouraging community participation in the CAP process.
  • Strategic Planning: Prioritizing measures and ensuring all mechanisms necessary to support the CAP are in place.
  • Monitoring: Tracking and periodically reassessing progress in meeting CAP goals.
  • Reporting: Remaining accountable through ongoing reporting of emissions reductions, costs, benefits, and challenges.
  • Adaptive Management: Remaining flexible and taking corrective actions to improve processes and programs.

You can learn more about the monitoring and reporting of SANBAG and its participating cities in a Monitoring and Reporting Final Report, just released, here.

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