Distilling AB 802 and SB 350: Coverage on How Energy Savings Are Counted, and Incentivized


Looking for more information on the significance of the recent passing of SB 350 and AB 802 to local government energy efficiency activities? Efficiency.org writer Matt Golden provides a great summary, “New California Laws are a Needed Paradigm Shift for Energy Efficiency.”

Given the changes in how incentives are to be provided for energy efficiency, it may be wise to:

  • Think about what your own buildings’ baselines are, and how well you’re tracking them. (Are you benchmarking your energy use? Now there’s even more incentive to keep strong energy data.)
  • Talk to your utility – or other Program Administrators, for those in a Regional Energy Network or in CCA territory to find out how their programs, and ways they support you, may be adjusting.
  • Look at your plans for energy projects, and think what new opportunities may exist given changes in energy savings qualifications, and financial incentives.
  • Think how you can support your community in your findings, so that others can learn from your activities and take advantage of these changes.

You can find more information on AB 802 and SB 350 by visiting the Proceedings, Decisions, and Legislation page, or by using the AB 802 and SB 350 “tags” in the Tag Cloud to the right (or, by searching them in the search box).

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