Edison and Tesla Unveil Giant Energy Storage System


Southern California Edison and Tesla Motors Inc., installed 400 Tesla PowerPacks in the Mira Loma substation in Ontario, CA. The substation will now add nearly 80 megawatts of energy storage to the state’s electricity grid. This can power 15,000 homes for four hours during peak times, or roughly 2,500 homes for an entire day. Since California has committed to having 50% of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2030 and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, energy storage solutions have been a top priority to support the variable generation of solar and wind resources. Ravi Manghani from GTM Research notes, “As the storage matures and the cost comes down further … more and more products will come online.” You can read more about this project from the LA Times.


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