EE Coordinating Committee 2/22 (today) and 2/23: How to Participate


The Coordinating Committee, authorized by CPUC Decision 15-10-028, will be hosting the second Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee meeting and first commercial and residential subcommittee meetings on February 22nd and 23rd in San Diego and by webinar. The meeting will focus on stakeholder input into the CPUC jurisdiction Program Administrators’ commercial and residential market assessments and gap analysis in preparation for developing their forthcoming business plans due September, 2016. Interested stakeholders (including local governments) may participate by attending in-person at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center (4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA) or attending by webinar:

  • 2/22 (10am-5:30pm, comercial sector) EE Coordinating Committee Webinar Information: Call-in Number: 888-424-8151. Meeting Number: 6147902#
  • 2/23EE (9am-4pm, residential sector) Coordinating Committee Webinar Information: Call-in Number: 888-424-8151. Meeting Number: 5798418#

Per Lara Ettenson at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) co-chairing these meetings, the purpose of meetings is:

1.      To level the information playing field so non-Program Administrators (PAs) are operating from the same knowledge base for subcommittees to be able to come to the table with informed ideas.

2.      To help non-PAs better understand the process by which PA business decisions are made.

3.      To allow stakeholders to have early and often input into the process. Participants will be able to comment on the data that’s presented, whether there is more information stakeholders want, and what other information we need to be able to take a fresh look at how we go after the market. This input will help PAs build and shape the next step in developing their business plans (which will also be presented and discussed with stakeholders).

For more information, or meeting agendas, email

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