Efficiency and Resiliency Case Study: Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe


Learn in this Climate.gov case study how Northern California’s Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe is leading on climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewables, and community resiliency – including their work to:

  • conduct strategic climate action planning activities;
  • build an energy-efficient hotel;
  • install an innovative biomass-gasification-fuel cell system that turns biomass into electricity;
  • install solar on tribal housing;
  • participate in utility demand response programs;
  • implement numerous energy and water efficiency measures (building insulation, HVAC, lighting, and more);
  • launch a $6.3 million, community-scale renewable energy project that will demonstrate the tribal community as a “low-carbon community microgrid.”

As of Dec. 2015, the Tribe has reduced energy consumption from 2008 levels by 35 percent.

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