Efficient Gravity-Driven Water Supply Line Receives PG&E Incentives, Removes Surcharge from Customer Bills in Amador County


The Amador Water Agency (AWA)’s new water supply line has been built in a way that allows gravity to deliver the water, rather than electricity-fed pumping.

“The Amador Water Agency’s highly-anticipated Gravity Supply Line (GSL) is up and running – saving upcountry AWA customers money and reducing a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The 6.6-mile gravity-fed pipeline was put into daily use on December 21, delivering Mokelumne River water from the Tiger Creek Regulator Reservoir to the Buckhorn Water Treatment Plant. This raw water supply for most upcountry customers is now running downhill, without the use of large electric pumps formerly needed to push the water supply on an uphill route.

Without the need for pumping, the new gravity pipeline is not subject to interruptions due to power outages, fire or mechanical problems and is eliminating pumping costs of about $300,000 per year for upcountry water users. Upcountry customers will see the monthly surcharge for pumping costs removed from their water bills incurred after December 21, 2015.”

Learn more about the project in AWA’s press release.

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